We spotlight those who want to stand out in the crowd and join us in leading, instead of resting in the midst of grey where limited inactivity lives will soon bring out different shades of brightness where everyone can live, and live equally in society in a fairer world.


When a charity, charitable cause becomes a member of Charities against Racism they stand out, are proud to display a membership badge of Charities Against Racism on their business papers, materials and website. These charities are out. loud and proud and active in changing not only their working practices but in turn they will change society, when we all work together in solidarity we can really create the change we all want, need and best of all we will leave a lasting legacy of a better world for the next generation to inherit.


We regularly review and select a number of charities, causes to SPOTLIGHT so you may consider and certainly worthy of supporting at least finding out more about; these will be charities and causes that are openly anti-racist and actively against racism in the spotlight.

Charities Against Racism’s founder Christina Jordean, a social entrepreneur, philanthropist is amplify the power of collective responsibility, stand up action, and philanthropy and believes change must come in businesses making a stand too for Black lives to truly matter in society. It time the that business of charities, and charities in business take the lead the way with kindness, fairness, empathy and humanity inhouse, ‘charity beginning at home’, the very heart of the charity and or cause needs to be beating the anti-racism drum.

Many of the charities funded will be CAF registered, (*however we support various causes), a service that works for us as it allows us to know that all the charities we support are independently checked before they receive funding and or donations and on top of that for every £1 we give from a CAF account within the UK the government tops it up by .25 pence of each pound, so for every pound the nominated charities receives £1.25 pound making funds stretch even further. And we're happy with that!


*We also work with, funding small pot aid for small charitable causes and grassroots concerns that are not registered as a UK charity, we may on occasions work with overseas causes too; the whole world needs to come closer together in the pursuit of ending racism and to support each other the best way we can.

 NEW 2021



We are Breakfast Clubs Against Racism. An anti racism charity combatting inequality through education.

Breakfast Clubs Against Racism is an anti racism charity launching a series of free Breakfast clubs for children aged 10-12. Starting in September 2021 with the goal of combatting racial discrimination.

Founded by Lara Sengupta, "We have developed Breakfast Clubs Against Racism to deliver anti-racism and leadership skills to young people."

"Education is the key that can lead us to change!"






Black Lives Matter Foundation

The Black Lives Matter Foundation UK in joint purpose co-partners with and Charities Against Racism works independently with autonomy and the right to self-govern to get the best out of our charitable funds and objective to ultimately uplift and benefit black lives and end racism.

Black Advocates for Children - BAC Project is an Advocacy Project for Black Children between the ages of 9-12 based in schools and youth centres, funded through partnerships with Black Lives Matter Foundation (, and Black Lives Matter UK 


Black Advocates for Children (BAC) Project runs over a 52 week period, 3 hours per day, 5 days per week and work swith Black children, parents and teachers within Schools and Youth Centres between the ages of 9-13, years 5-6 primary and years 7-8 secondary, important transitional years.

The project allows Black Advocates for Children (BAC) facilitators to advocate and be a voice for young BAC project participants and their parents to help them navigate where it’s felt conscious/unconscious bias exists within the school educational system and society and to also support teachers to recognise the potential of biases existing when dealing with children of colour in contrast to their peers with similar behaviour and conduct. And then to question if sanction of exclusion is disproportionate to children of Black and Brown skin and unequal to children of white skin.


Aims, objectives is to support all involved and reduce all types of exclusions and transfer to PRU’s, avoid sitiuations which makes young Black children vulnerable and exposed to groomers and potential harm, criminal activity, sexual exploitation and victims of crime. 


To create and support a positive and productive outome in relationships, between teachers and students and the ultimate outcome of reducing sanctions of exclusions in turn increasing qualifications, participation and achievements.


Keeping Black students in mainstream school will serve to increase job opportunities, productivity and good mental health and importantly for Black and Brown children to enjoy their school experiences to the fullest extent, that remains in memory for a lifetime.


Civil & Human Rights



Black Lives Matter is an international human and civil rights movement, that highlights and campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people.

Black Lives Matter is for racial equality and social justice and not to dissimilar from previous social and civil rights movement in past history, along with others organisations, coalitions and groups take up the baton to dismantle and end racism.

Black Lives Matter is simple and clear in its phrase as a conceptual unit and statement - Black Lives Matter - and is an unowned global collection consisting of ideas, grassroots initiatives and shared interest of many and various concerns calling out anti-black racism, inequalities and social injustices.

'Black Lives Matter' transcends politics.

Black lives matter, Black lives must matter, and we respect everyone who tirelessly play a role, part in eliminating racism from society, working together and to continue to call our racism.


Criminal Justice

BAME Justice

Independent People’s Project.

Observe, examine, scrutinse to disrupts ease of ability for the criminal justice system to discriminate against Black, Asian, Minority Ethnics Citizens in the criminal justice system.