Charities Against Racism © 'the business' is a membership service and is NOT a charity, but a private philanthropic concern and vehicle for charities to be assertive and active in change.

Our buiness is in supporting registered Charities to be confident enough to come out and be empowered to shine a light on other charities and charitable causes to stand with against racism and to come out in front leading by actionable example.

What does the Charity Commsion have to say?

The UK Charitiy Commission response to our business named 'Charities Against Racsim' see below:

Charity Commison



Wed, 9 Jun 2021 14:31

Dear Charities Against Racism,


Thank you for your email responses of 28 May 2021 and 8 June 2021.


Having consider your responses, thank you for your cooperation so far and for responding so promptly.


You have provided a clear response that you do not intend to be a charity and that you hold no funds that might be considered as being held on charitable trusts.


As such, I can see no reason for any further questions to be asked of the organisation at the current time.


The Commission is supportive of your proposal to make it absolutely clear to members of the public that you are not a charity and we would suggest that you make this prominent- because of your name and the use of the word 'charities'- in all correspondence or future fund-raising material. This is because of the clear potential for confusion amongst members of the public given your name (and this is regardless of the fact that to date you have received no complaints of this nature- the potential is clearly there).


We wish you good luck in the clearly important work you intend to do in tackling racism but would caution you against doing anything that might negatively impact on the good name of charity.


Yours faithfully,


Chris Sladen

Head of Proactive Casework


Charity Commission



We know charities or charitable concerns want to be able to make a difference and to do this we must stand up for what we believe, employees, staff, service users, our children want to live in a better world. 

Join Charities Against Racism to leave a world better behind for all our children to inherit.


To do this WE need to act fast and hard, ad do it now if we want to assign systemic, institutional racism to past history - Let’s make that stand collectively, together by actively advocating against racism SO come out LOUD AND PROUD!

Are you charity standing against racism?

Charities Against Racism © 'the business' works is to support as a advocates for charities who are against racism and open about it and charitable causes to bridge the gap to level up.

We also raise and donate funds to charities in partnerships with Black Lives Matter UK and Black Loves Matter Foundation UK who are standing up in front to make a difference today and will again tomorrow and the days after to create a more equitable society.

We not putting off and waiting till tomorrow when we can endeavour to make a difference today, why wait till tomorrow if you can make a difference today, join us and stand with the crowd that's trying to end racism.



We know there's likey to be people in your business environment who want to make a difference, there'sprbably will be people suffering in silence with racism in the workplace, yesworking within in charities too! Workers want change and to do this we must stand up for what we believe and act now. No one should suffer in silence any longer.

Your employees, staff want fair treatment and equal pay, Black people should not recieve lesss pay for the same work as White people. To stomp out the race and gender pay gap act NOW. It is all but criminal to do nothing and is certainly at the very least immoral and negligent and need addressing by each and every business that employees people..

Let’s make that stand collectively by advocating for charities against racism - come out fighting LOUD AND PROUD!

Copartnering to Eradicate Racism

Black Lives Matter

About Black Lives Matter

What is Black Lives Matter UK?

A revolutionary, revolutionist is an architect of change. We are not committed to the same means as radical activists but we mean business nevertheless. The revolutionary wants to sweep away the bad institutions and social relations of the present. The black lives matter revolutionary has a vision of the new society which the black lives matter campaign and movement is aiming at creating. The need to reconstruct is not absent from reasonable discussion, the art of breaking silence is to break down the walls of racism.

The revolutionary is intellectually committed to the achievement of a new concrete social order that is better than the present; and this means we are committed to demonstrating the feasibility of the new order that eradicates systemic and systematic racism in our society, exposing, stripping and cleansing the racist mindset of individuals and societies which perpetuate the immoral belief that certain groups are superior to others.

Black Lives Matter campaign to send out a persistent message loud and clear that it is unacceptable to treat black people differently to anyone else. We stand with our allies to educate, break the silence and to stamp our racism for good.

Twitter: @blmuk

Websitte: www.blacklivesmatter.uk

Charities Against Racism ©

Black Lives Matter Foundation

About Black Lives Matter Foundation

What is Black Lives Matter Foundation UK?


The Black Lives Matter Foundation UK in joint purpose co-partners with Black Lives Matter.uk and Charities Against Racism works independently with our own autonomy and the right to self-govern to get the best out of our charitable funds and objective to ultimately uplift and benefit black lives and end racism.

The Black Lives Matter Foundation is here to help support black led projects, organisations, charities and services where it will have the most impact and effectiveness to provide long term change. We are an independent concern where we operate in the capacity of an agent to act in accordance with the values ideologies and objective of the statement "Black Lives Matter" rather than buckle under the influence of what others may feel we need and not what we actually need to bring about consistent and real cultural and societal change to dismantle racism.

Twitter: @blmfoundationuk

Webiste: www.blacklivesmatterfoundation.uk


Amplify the Power Collectively

We all have a collective and social responsibility to end racism and charities has an important and major and active role to play

Amplify the power
of philanthropy

Amplify the power of philanthropy. Amplify the power collectively. Change must come #BlackLivesMatter

Charities Against Racism

Christina Jordean


Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Puting my philanthropic purpose to work

I believe in the power of philanthropy, I believe in partnerships and I believe in a collaborative and collective movement of businesses to speed up racial equality, equity and heed the call to social responsibility.


We partner with charities, social causes and believe in people who want to create a better and more equal world and you can help by joining me by coming out as anti-racist to ensure your flat words on written within polices actually leap out leading to equity and social action.


Will you work with me to help bring an to iniquities in the workplace and to end to racism?

Stand with me against racism, I and many more will stand right by your side too...